Why Are People Who Read Attractive?

Ever wondered why people find readers attractive? Keep reading and I’ll give you that secret in this article.

As humans we all want to be liked, loved and wanted. It’s literally written in our DNA. Anything that makes one more desirable will always be sought after by that person because they want to be desired for.

Reading books is not an activity that everyone indulges in but you’ll be happy to learn that readers are actually sought after and desired for by many people.

So then what is so special about reading and readers? You may wonder.

Why are people who read attractive?

Well the main reason why most people find readers attractive is because people who read books are more likely to be open to experience, intelligent, mature, patient, intriguing and more likely different from the average person.

Let’s get into some of the qualities that readers may exhibit, so you get a better understanding of how these qualities may make a person attractive in some sense.


Readers are more likely to be open minded than the average person because of various reasons. Firstly, reading is basically getting into the mind of another human being and using our own intellect to understand their perspective. This makes us open to interpreting the world through the eyes of another which makes us open minded and more empathetic towards other people.

Open-mindedness in today’s world is an attractive quality because information is at our fingertips and the willingness to take on certain things can only be exercised by those with the willingness to get out of their comfort zones and be open-minded. Lastly, open-minded people are generally more optimistic about life than the average non-reader.

Creative Intelligence

We become the things our minds assimilate. Reading books exposes you to various writing, thought process, plots, and concepts and this makes you highly imaginative because your mind becomes accustomed to making mental pictures and building rationale to understand authors and their writing.  This in itself changes in you more ways than one.

You become a creative thinker who can easily tap into their imagination and exhibit knowledge that can only come from being well read.

Intelligence is usually attractive because people like people who can think and reason better than the average person.

Personality and approach

Most readers have a nuanced personality. This means that there personality is not narrow but diverse enough to be interesting.

Reading books changes our nature because we acquire new knowledge and thorough understanding of the motivations behind most human action. As a result our personalities shift and we become more accommodating of people due to an improved and deeper understanding of human nature.

Therefore our personality becomes nuanced because we are able to relate to different people. This makes readers desirable because their personality is accepting of different people and as you may well know, people that get along with different people are often times attractive.

A nuanced personality also gives readers a nuanced approach to issues and this makes them unique in the eyes of the average person who hasn’t consumed as much information as the reader.

Great conversation

Exposure to reading improves vocabulary and conversational skills and this makes many readers more desirable as human beings because let’s face it, conversation is an important of being human. It helps us connect with others and

It’s the easiest way to understand and get to know people better, therefore any person that is easy to talk to will generally be attractive to us.

I like to think of reading as a conversation between the author and the reader, it’s good to think of it this way because many people are under the impression that reading is all about getting and no giving.

That is not true. Reading is a game of give and take.

The author provides their information and we take it…. What we give back is our analysis of the information and rationale to come to terms with the authors thinking, logic, arguments, short-comings, failures and successes.

This exercise of give and take makes us better conversationalists away from books into everyday life.


Let’s face it, reading exhibits some level of maturity in people because it is an intellectual activity that requires a focused mind not easily distracted. This display of maturity makes readers desirable and attractive.

People that are well read are generally admired and looked up to in many circles because they display a very different way of doing things. Not only that, many readers also exhibit a growth mindset in the way they carry themselves.

People constantly making an effort to better themselves are attractive because they inspire others to seek growth for themselves. Growth, especially emotional growth changes people for the better and this is why reading is important because it is the easiest way to grow emotionally and intellectually.

When you read and become more emotionally intelligent you tend to interpret feelings better which makes relating to people much easier. People will generally find you easy to talk to because you’ll be attuned to their feelings easily. You’ll talk when they need you to talk, listen when they need you to listen.

Not everyone can do this and this is one of the reasons why readers are generally better people that easily relate with others.

Role Model

Readers are generally found attractive by many people because they’re looked at as role models by society. Everyone wants to be a reader and everyone wants to be smart but not everyone will find it easy to pick up a book and start reading. Many procrastinate; put it off or fail to find a way around their schedules. When such people meet people that read consistently they are drawn to them because they instantly become their role models.

As humans, we are drawn to people who do things that we wish we could do. We find comfort in knowing that is possible and somebody is already doing it.

Furthermore, women may find men who read attractive because they can be the right role model for their future children.