Is It Weird For Guys To Read?

Reading is an activity that many people enjoy to do. Back in the day it was an activity that was only done by scholars, philosophers, scientists, physicists, chemists etc.  Nowadays reading has become widely embraced and praised by many.

I say this to answer a question I recently got from one my young friends recently.

The question was “is it weird for guys to read?’ this certainly solicited some laughter from me and I got the idea to write out and answer this question as a full article.

With that said, let’s get to the question at hand.

Is it weird for guys to read?

It’s not weird for guys to read. Reading is a great hobby that isn’t gender-specific and honestly, if guys never read books the world wouldn’t be what it is today. The Elon Musk’s of the world are who they are because they invested a reasonable amount of time into reading and learning. This is one of the reasons why the most successful people usually credit part of their success to reading books.

With that said, If you’re a guy that is skeptical about reading I’d advise you to start reading and do it consistently for a month and I guarantee you’ll begin to see some positive changes.

Why reading is important for guys

Let’s get into some the reasons why it’s important for guys to read so we can kick the notion that guys shouldn’t read because it’s weird. Today’s world is different from how it was years ago. Reading books is not only necessary for success but almost a pre-requisite.

Keeps you out of trouble

The one reason why I find it important for guys to read is because it can help them stay out of trouble, especially young men who are more likely to get into something that may land them into trouble. It’s important to take some time away from society and its influence and focus your attention on something positive like reading books whether fiction and non-fiction because it can be a great way to stay out of trouble.

If you’re in situation where escape is necessary for you then you should consider reading. For parents, help your children develop a love for reading because it will help them develop themselves whilst staying away from trouble.

Books can be a great way to pick and choose the information you want to feed the mind.

Gives you depth and contrast

Reading for guys can change their outlook on life and human nature. People that read books have depth and unique way of looking at things. This makes reading useful for guys because it can provide them with unique character attributes developed by exposure to written material.

Books allow us to exercise our minds in more ways than one and as we dig deep to create mental images of the things we read.

Keeps you attuned to the world

The world is ever changing and nothing stays the same forever. We all know that the world isn’t what it was centuries ago and won’t be what it is centuries from now. The ever changing dynamics of the world have been captured in many different ways and one of those ways is through written material such as books.

Reading therefore keeps us attuned to the world around us; it’s fair to say that books provide a timeline of our history and the current state of the world we live in.

For guys both young and old, staying accustomed to the world and changes in the world is important and reading books can be one way to do this.

In today’s world it’s equally important for women to read just as it is important for men.

A good way to relax

There are many things that happen in our daily lives. We all have our positive and negative moments. In times of stress most people look to relaxation as a way to keep the mind disengaged from whatever may be causing stress. Some people go on vacations; others go out with friends etc.

 Reading is usually overlooked as a way to manage stress especially for guys. However it has proven to be one of the activities recommended by many psychologists for mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

It is therefore important that young men of today’s society engage in activities like reading that are good for the mind and can provide some serenity.

May make your work easier

As men, we have to work in order to feed our families because this is a responsibility the world has delegated to us since the beginning of time.  We therefore need find innovative ways to make our jobs better and one way that we can successfully do this is by learning through reading.

There are books basically in every field in the world and people who take the time to study books in their field develop a unique way of working. This is important in the overall development of not only the man but the field in general.

If our ancestors never took the time to study fields and be innovative we would not be able to enjoy the world we live in. It is therefore our duty to learn and innovate as we know more and more about our fields of work.

Productive hobby

There are so many hobbies that many young men engage in, some of these are productive while others are detrimental. Reading is one of those productive hobbies that can help guys be engaged less in other habits that could not be bearing any fruit at all.

As we grow older its necessary that we cultivate focus because it is a necessity in all future endeavors.


Lastly, reading can never be weird for guys because it is a tool of learning. It doesn’t matter who you are, reading is a necessity of life and we are taught this as soon as we are old enough to get into kindergarten.

So many men dedicated their lives to writing about their experiences with life and putting it all in books. That part of our society is what we call history.

We study it to learn from others who’ve been exactly where we are.