Can Reading Change Your Personality?

Most consider Reading a character building activity and this is why most people like myself spend a lot of time on books and any other useful information.

Because there are various benefits of reading.

With that said, one of the questions I came across in an online reading forum basically inquired into whether reading could alter a person’s personality.

This question pretty much stuck with me and I felt writing out a full post addressing this question was not only going to be beneficial for my readers but for me too.

With that said,

Can reading change your personality?

Reading can certainly change your personality because every bit of information a human being consumes alters them in some way. Sometimes these alterations can be small but with an intentional activity like reading, a change in personality can easily be detected. However, most people generally cannot easily detect these changes because they are too absorbed in their own lives.

We are basically shaped by our surroundings and everything we basically hear and comprehend makes an impact.

Sometimes a one line quote from a book can forever change you and stay with you for years.

For example, you may come across a health tip that could shift and change how you live.

With this example, we can form a basis and basically conclude that reading does certainly change our personalities.

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Can reading change the way you think?

Reading or consuming information in any way, shape or form will inherently change the way a person thinks.

This is because human beings are shaped by what they perceive and what they consume. So even bits of tiny pieces of information can make a lasting impact on a person.

Reading books or any other new informational material has an impact on you even though you may not notice it right away.

Let’s dissect this further.

When you’re born you’re basically a born with blank slate.

You start learning things as you’re taught by the people raising you and surrounding your by seeing and hearing too.

Soon as a child is of age, they get enrolled into school and the education system starts to take its effect on them.

The education system is more intentional and a more organised tool of learning.

Subjects are carefully chosen and teachers do their best to teach these subjects to the children.

From kindergarten to college graduation, a person would have acquired so much knowledge and basic lessons that make them who they are.

This is a great example to understand reading.

Reading does affect the mentality and overall thought process of a person. This is why you see the most important and successful people that are brilliant in their fields talk about having spent a reasonable and considerable amount of time reading.

So if you’re on the ropes and not sure whether you should develop a reading habit, I hope this post convinces you to develop one.

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Can reading books improve your personality?

Personality is part perception combined with the overall information that makes a persons perception be what it is.

Reading can improve and shape your personality because every book has its own unique information to share.

Human beings are shaped by even the tiniest pieces of information so reading makes a rather huge difference.

Through reading we are subject to a lot of words that can improve our vocabulary and give us a better way to express ourselves.

Reading also has the advantage of helping you keep your memory bright. This is important because improved memory means being able to tap into the past with ease.

Even more useful for people that rely on their ability to recall things.

Another reason why reading improves our personalities is that when we begin to read our brains fire up various neurons which make our power of imagination become better and better.

Imagination may seem like an unimportant thing but trust me, it is a very vital tool. I say this because, a person with a deep imagination can understand things on a deeper level and not just on the surface.

This makes them very receptive to ideas which they can fully express in articulate ways due to the fact that they have the power of imagination on their side.

Self help books and how-to books are the best books you should go for if you’re looking for a personality improvement, because they are meant to be impactful and enlightening for the reader.

Self awareness and emotional intelligence can be cultivated from reading such books. These two traits are important for people that wish to improve their character and overall lives in general.

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Can reading change who you are?

Before we dive into this question we have to make sure you have a good grasp and understanding of what is being asked.

So let’s define what changing who you are actually means. Changing who you are means a fundamental shift in the way that a person does things which doesn’t come easily at all.

Books have the power to cause such a fundamental shift in a person’s life and therefore change who they are.

Books that do this are usually in the self-help category which is a category filled with books that are meant to inspire change, build attitudes, help people pursue success, help people come out of emotional distress and so on.

I’ve read over a hundred books in my life and if I were to compare who I am today to who I was back then… I can confidently say I’m a much better and improved version of myself because of the quality of information I’ve amassed and consumed through reading.

The first thing that books start to change is the mentality which is the foundation of your whole life. Therefore if your mentality is constantly probed for change, it will eventually change and so will your life.


How does reading affect behavior?

Reading can impact your behavior as you relate and align yourself with certain ideals and characters.

This happens on a more subconscious level and usually the reader will not even be aware that such a process is happening.

For example reading a book about a heroic character that you resonate with can change how you behave in society.

A good book that I can use as a good example is “The Art Of War” which is basically a book that discusses different tactics and techniques of war that are also applicable and can be used in everyday life.

The Art of War is written by Sun Tzu who served as a military General that basically used a variety of War tactics and wrote about them.

When you read such a book you’ll obviously be more than inspired and you’ll align yourself with the various tactics described in the book.

This will eventually alter your behavior making it your own interpretation of the book.

Perhaps, the most important books are those that help us understand human nature better. Fiction is one of those book genres.

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is reading good for anxiety?

Anxiety is such a huge part of our mental health and I’m glad that now more than ever it has become a huge topic.

There are various communities both virtual and real that offer support to people suffering from anxiety.

Anxiety is often described and characterised by uneasiness.

Reading is a great way to relax your mind and body to help you combat the effects of anxiety. Which is important because anxiety at its peak can cause severe cases of depression.

Therefore a good way to avoid this is to read. Especially in times when you feel the most anxious because reading can help.

Self help books can work wonders in this area and can provide the necessary information to keep your mind hooked and interested.

Plus self help basically inspires change and you never know, the one book that you stumble across on a bad anxiety day can be the very book that helps you change and reshape your life.

Does reading make you successful?

It would be wrong to assume that just because you read, youre guaranteed success. Of course Reading can play a part in your success but it depends on a number of things.

The first thing is obviously what you read. If you’re looking to excel in any field you obviously need enough information and experience in that field. Which essentially means having to immerse yourself in books in that particular field.

So that’s one factor.

The second thing is obviously your ability to understand what you’re reading and your ability to use it in your everyday life or success journey.

The third thing that comes into play is how much action the book inspires. If the book can play a role in helping you take action to actually excel in any particular field then reading will be impactful for you.

Final Thoughts

Reading can change a person’s personality because every bit of information received by a human being essentially alters them in some way.

These alterations can be sometimes small but an intentional activity like reading can bring a more pronounced change in personality. Even then, most people generally cannot easily detect such changes in personality because they are too absorbed in their own lives.


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