How Does Reading Empower A Person?

We all read books for various reasons.

Some just like to be entertained while others like to learn new things while others just like to use reading as an escape from reality.

All of these reasons are valid and reading Helps all of us in different ways.

For a person that’s not into reading…learning why people get into reading and how it particularly helps them can be a great way to get into reading.

As a person that believes in reading…I’m going to share how reading can empower you as a person… this article is meant to inspire people to get into reading.

I hope this article becomes the reason why you pick up a book today and get started on your reading journey.

Above all, I hope this article helps you in one way or another.

With that said, let’s get into the various ways reading can empower you…

Wake up call

Reading books can sometimes be the wake up call that you needed.

This is something I’ve personally experienced. I’ll confess it took a while to find and discover good books that offered what the regular market didn’t…

But we all have to start from somewhere and we all are different. So I can’t really tell you that you won’t find what you’re looking for… you will find it, there’s something for everyone.

I belive there are various books that pretty much cover every human situation out there.

If you’re going through something or wish to get somewhere reading the right book can help you get out of a bad place and get into a better one.

Embrace reading and you’ll run into a wake up call. Necessary for your growth.

Deeper perspective

Books are also helpful because they can offer you a perspective that can not only empower you but help you grow as a person.

There are so many lessons that I’ve learnt from books that have become key to how I live my life today.

Books affect us differently and a unique perspective can be just what you need to get on the path you were meant to get on.

We never stop learning and just because you know something doesn’t mean you cannot learn more about it.

If you make reading a part of your life, your perspective on a lot of things will change and you’ll become a deep thinker.


Books are the perfect tools for learning. Their ability to teach us is one of the reasons why reading them is empowering.

So many of the skills I possess today have been learnt from reading the right material.

You could be looking to know more about your field or pick up a new skill…

Reading books can be a great way to empower yourself with the knowledge you need to do this.

Learning never ends, reading is a great asset and a great way to learn new things and build on what you already know.

Stay out of trouble

Reading is also empowering because it can help you stay out of trouble.

For example, most kids that spend time reading books shield themselves from the negative effects of society.

We all have detrimental things that we need to stay away from and reading is a great way to do this.

Reading is highly productive and it will make you a better person as well as keep you out of trouble.

If you’re a person that could use some time away from society then I’d recommend you head out to a local library and get yourself a book or simply purchase one or two online.

Universal love

Books offer complete thoughts about the world that we live in and through this we understand our world better and we learn to love it more.

Loving the world teaches us to live with gratitude and also teaches us to love ourselves more.

These two traits are so crucial in making the world a better place.

Reading empowers you with the ability to universally love the world and this the highest form of love.

They say the best way to change the world is to change yourself… through reading you can develop this attitude.


Reading books exposes us to many different stories about different people and this opens us up emotionally…

Reading cultivates empathy which is the ability to understand other people.

This is such an empowering thing.

 Empathy is an important character trait to possess.

Empathy makes us human and the more you read about people’s different situations the better you’ll understand people and the better you’ll understand yourself.

Your development as a person depends on your ability to understand people as well as yourself.

The possibilities of life

Through books we are able to read about people’s journeys and their successes.

Reading stories of how people became successful is very empowering because its able to give you a front roll seat in people’s lives.

Having read about people’s different paths to success I know how much this has been a positive influence in my own development as a person.

I can say without a doubt that reading exposes us to the endless possibilities of life.

Which is very important in crafting our ambitions as well as our plans on what we plan to do with our lives.

Separate fact from fiction

Books help reduce or eliminate ignorance in some situations …

There are a lot of lies that people believe to be real out in the world… and no one is to blame.

There’s so much ignorance because people don’t carry out their own research to find, figure out and understand things for themselves.

Reading is empowering because it helps you separate fact from fiction…

It arms you with the truth and it’s lessons.

Two things that are essential for navigating and finding your place in the world.

Gives us the power to seek

Books also empower us with the will to seek.

For example, I have interest in philosophy and I’ve read books by many different Philosophers which lead me to more Philosopher’s and more knowledge.

Reading is able to bring out our interests and is able to inspire us to pursue and seek them.


Another trait that you can pick up from reading is Compassion which is at the heart of most books.

Reading about people’s lives makes us appreciate our lives more and teaches us not to take things for granted.

Books Like “Man’s Search For Meaning” by Frankyl give vivid descriptions about harsh conditions and how a person can make the best out of a bad situation…

The compassion we read about in books has the ability to show up and translate in our lives which is very important in building on our empathy….as well as our personal growth.

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