Can Reading Improve Communication Skills?

Communication skills are important in every field and other informal areas of life.

Most people pick up Communication skills as they grow up and others learn how to effectively communicate in their education or line of work.

Most people often wonder whether reading can actually have some sort of impact on communication skills.

This is a valid question and this post will address exactly this in order to give you some context around communication skills as well as reading.

with that said, can reading improve communication skills?

Reading exposes you to vocabulary, grammar and sentence structure which improves your ability to write and speak the language. Therefore reading does certainly improve oral and written communication skills.

Let’s get into some ways in which reading impacts communication skills

Reading and learning

Reading in itself is an effective way of learning and it exposes the reader to many nuances of a language. Which makes it one of the best ways to learn a language.

Your communication skills are only as good as the communication you do and reading is a form of communication.

It is certainly an effective one because it exposes the reader to so many things that are important in the language as well as the various tools for effective communication.

This is why the education system still thrives on giving students books as a way to learn and communicate with past or present teachers that communicate through words.

Reading is dialogue between reader and writer

Reading as a way to improve communication skills is an effective way of doing so.

The reason is simple.

Every book is essentially an author trying to communicate to the reader.

Each and every word has significance and fits into the entire message.

I look at reading as a communication between author and reader and anyone who spends enough time on books will pick up key facets that are important in effective communication…

Due to the fact that most authors go out of their way to be clearly expressive in order to get their message across to wide audience.

Improved vocabulary

Words are important pieces of communication and without them communication is certainly impossible.

This is why the easiest way to learn a language is to know the words in that language as well as their meanings.

Being exposed to reading allows a person to pick up a lot of words that are key in sentence construction as well as effective communication.

Vocabulary is a huge part of communication because without the words we have no way of getting our message across.

This is why reading plays a very significant function in exposing the reader to words who then can figure their meanings and their use in communication as well as language.

Thought formulation

Reading as we have established invthe previous points plays key roles in teaching the reader words and how to use them.

But most important of all, reading exposes you to various thought processes exhibited by authors in their work.

This is very important and plays a huge role in your ability to articulate yourself.

Being able to express your ideas clearly comes from your ability to build thought processes with clarity.

Reading exposes you to how others do it and this knowledge helps in figuring out how well you can think with clarity and arrange your thoughts well to make expression easy.

How to improve your communication skills

Reading is one way to improve your ability to communicate effectively. But there are other ways you can better your communication skills and I’ll discuss some of these below.

Listen to podcasts

The Podcast market has skyrocketed in the past and today there are thousands of Podcasts out there.

Listening to Podcasts is a great way to learn how to express yourself in a conversational manner.

Most people over look this but communication skills mean the ability to carry a conversation well enough.

Listening to Podcasts will expose you to how others express themselves and you can learn from this and apply it.

Watch TV shows for dialogue

One language teacher I knew in my old days taught me a very vital way of learning English.

Which is something that has helped me in the past.

Watching TV shows and paying attention to the dialogue is a great way to learn how to communicate effectively.

Seeing how people are able to use language to express themselves is a great way to learn about the dynamics of both language and its use in communication.

For those trying to get better at English, I recommend watching British TV shows and paying attention  to dialogue.

Read simple books

Another effective way of learning how to communicate better in any language is by reading simple books in the language.

Simple books are a great way to see the use of language in simple form. This can help you learn how to keep your language simple even when trying to convey complex ideas.

If your sole intent is to improve your communication skills then you might want to lay off the heavy material. Just focus on simple books written using simple language.

You’ll learn  a lot more than exposing yourself to Shakespeare right away.


Below are some of the most asked questions online.

Is reading only helpful in writing and not speaking?

Reading is not only helpful in writing but it is also very essential in speaking.

Of course a writer will stand to benefit more from written words.

However, Exposing yourself to words used by an author to convey a message is an effective way to learn how to speak better.

Therefore reading is helpful in both writing and speaking if you utilize it well..

How does reading help you gain knowledge?

Reading is a very effective way of gaining knowledge because it provides us with new information that we can use and learn from.

The goal of reading is comprehension and from that we are able to draw understanding .

New information redefines our already existing knowledge which can be seen as an update.

How does reading improve creativity?

Reading requires readers to be highly imaginative.

Having a vivid imagination is a pre-requisite of creativity because if you can’t see it in your mind first, you’ll more than likely won’t be able to see it in real life.

Therefore we can confidently say that reading plays a huge role in creativity because it prepares the readers mind via imagination which is vital component in creation.

It doesn’t matter whether you read fiction or non fiction. All reading makes an impact because it draws on your imagination.

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