Why Is Studying So Boring?

Studying is not the easiest thing to do for most students and most people in general. We all know the feeling of not wanting to get up to study; half the time we don’t even know why we feel that way. This post will therefore answer one of the most popular questions among students which is “why is studying so boring”, with that said, I hope you do get some insight.

So, Why is studying so boring?

Studying is boring because it’s a chore. In most cases, students have to study or risk failure, not having any more options outside of these two makes studying a boring mountain that has to be climbed without choice. This inherently makes studying the enemy in the mind of the student which kills any interest in the study material.

Why students find studying boring

No Choice

Most students don’t have a choice when it comes to studying because their parents send them to these schools and expect them to pass and get the best possible scores. Children are usually not given a choice and most parents won’t compromise or leave their kids future to chance by letting them do what they want.

This leaves the children only with one option, compliance.

Because the children have to comply and have no choice, school basically becomes a chore. Studying becomes a chore until the children grow up and mature enough to understand the importance of getting an education….. even then, studying doesn’t magically become Disneyland. It continues to be a chore and a necessary evil.

Lack of interest

You’ll most likely encounter boredom when studying if you have low interest in whatever you’re studying. This is one of the reasons why students should choose to study what they love and are into.

It’s hard to stay consistent at something you don’t like and this is one of the reasons why many kids drop out of school after spending a few years in college.

At one point or another, continuing to study something they don’t have interest in becomes way too difficult and becomes too much of a chore.

Feels forced

When you sign up for school you basically sign up to follow the schedule of the school. Students are basically handed a schedule of how they shall learn and be assessed. Students rarely have a choice in when they write exams or any other assessments. This makes the whole thing forced on them and school becomes just another chore that is not liked very much.

Low Attention Span

In a heavily digitalized world like the one we currently live in, attention span is the new currency because every advertiser and marketer out there is fighting for your attention.

We’ve become accustomed to 30 second videos and less than a 100 words on headlines and advertisement.

This has made the attention span of most young people deteriorate because they spend of their time on the internet. With a low attention span, sitting down to study is very boring because we are so accustomed to interactivity online.

Requires Focus

Anything that requires focus and concentration and careful handling is not always the easiest thing to do.

This is the reason why studying feels boring for most students.

In order to find studying as less of challenge you have to learn how to concentrate and focus on tasks.

Rebellious nature of people

People don’t like to be told what to do and that’s just human nature. This is why a student is likely to learn better when they study on their own rather than when they are told to study.

Genuine inspiration to do tasks always results in the best of outputs that why as a student it’s important to honestly find inspiration to study.

Ways to make reading more interesting

Turn studying into group discussions

Sometimes it’s easier to focus and learn when you have group of friends around to study with. This is one of the reasons why group assignments are usually more about working together than they are about the actual assignment.

If you study alone, try and create a study group with your friends, decide on what days you can study together and break topics down by each individual group member so everyone takes the time to study what topic they have to explain and present to the study group.

Studying with friends makes studying less formal and more enjoyable and inclusive.

Have an accountability partner

If you can’t form a study group then team up with a partner you can work with and keep each other accountable for studying. Sometimes studying is easier to do when you have somebody keeping you accountable and someone you can talk to when you find it hard to study.

So consider an accountability partner.

Study everyday

One of the reasons why students find studying boring is because they don’t do it every day. For studying to become a part of your life, it has to become a healthy habit and this means doing it at least every day.

Students that study everyday find studying to be less challenging because it’s nothing new so all they have to do is rinse and repeat.

Listen, you don’t have to study 18 hours a day for it to become a habit. Do it for an hour every day and then level up as it grows to become a habit.

Study with music

I don’t really enjoy studying or reading with music but there are people that do find it helpful. If you want to make studying a fun thing to do, you can try studying with music to keep your mind engaged and stimulated at the same time.

However, I have to warn you, it is very easy to lose your concentration when you study with music. You therefore have to be careful and very conscious when you do it.

If you do discover that the music is doing more harm than good then try to lower the volume or get rid of the music entirely.

It’s all about striking the right balance.

Study in sprints and rest

Studying for long hours in one sitting can become very painful and very boring fast that is why its wise to study in sprints and rest. This means studying and taking frequent breaks so that studying feels less boring.

If you’re familiar with the Pomodoro method, it can help in these situations. If you’re unfamiliar with the Pomodoro method it is a method of working for 25 minutes and resting for 5 minutes repeatedly, so that studying doesn’t feel like a continuous span of work.

You can apply it to your studies because it can help.