Is It Better To Study Via Books Or Computer?

In today’s world technology is so advanced that it is literally a matter of choice when it comes to the devices we choose to use to read or study.

For example students may prefer to study digital book’s on their computer while others may still rely on the old school way of reading and studying which is off paper books.

This then obviously brings up the question of whether it is best to study using books or using a computer.

This post will therefore dive deep into this topic and explore it, so that you get a good idea of both these mediums of studying.

With that said, is it better to study via books or computer?

Studying via books is always better because a student can easily focus without being worried about getting distracted by some computer program.

Computers can certainly be an easy to medium to study on but one has to have a high level of discipline to effectively study on them and not get distracted.

Also reading on screens is something that is not advisable because it can ruin and strain your eyes.

So it may be good to balance between a computer and physical books.

This way you can avoid any permanent damage to your eyes.

Advantages of studying on a computer

Computers do have their strong points when it comes to using them to study. I’ll discuss some of these strong points below.

Effortless switch between books

One of the reasons why somebody studying on a computer may find it advantageous to do so is because you can easily switch between a number books in matter of seconds.

If you’re studying hard copy books you may need to visit a library to find what you’re looking for which can be time consuming especially if you’re on the clock.

For students, cramming for an exam is usually a time when books are heavily sought after.

During this time, it is common for students to have elevated levels of stress because exams maybe closing in on them.

Studying on a computer therefore cuts out frequent trips to the library because students can easily download or buy needed material online and be able to use it.

If you’re studying in a library you’ll ofcourse be more flexible to get up and go find a book you’re looking for.

But it’s also important to remember that libraries may not always have what you’re looking for, but a computer with an Internet connection can easily point you towards what you need.

Reading casually on a computer can also be convenient because it allows the user to explore things further by using the Internet, which brings me to my next point.

Internet searches

The Internet is an unlimited tool that connects all of us and has vast information.

One of the harsh truths in this day and age is that we have so much information out there but humanity lacks the attention span to take advantage or consume it all.

Technology has improved far more than anyone in the old days would have predicted. Possibilities are now more effortless than ever.

Information is vast and everyone has access to it.

Studying is one activity that can benefit from the vast resources that the Internet offers which is why studying on a computer may prove to be effective.

If you’re studying hard copy books you can still benefit from using the Internet if you have a computer.

You can go to and from the computer with your books. Using the limitless leverage that the Internet offers.

Which is why it’s not always about picking between books or studying on a computer.

Sometimes you can use both tools to your advantage.

Granted there are times when it’s more convenient to use either books or a computer, but in most cases it may be more realistic to use them both to your advantage.


Computers are vast tools that are highly visual. You can easily navigate through text files, images and video.

It is for this reason that computers are very useful digital objects. They basically make it easier to work with.

For example, when studying, visualisations and certain images can be very useful in accompanying the process of comprehension.

Many studies have shown that human beings learn faster when they are able to visually see what they’re learning about.

With this in mind, we can move to assume that studying with visualisation certainly has its perks.

Therefore studying with a computer can allow you access to visual images and video.

For example, an Internet connection on your computer would allow you to go to a website like YouTube and be able to search for any video that could then assist with your studies.

With such tools, studying can be taken to a whole new level where you can search and find tutorials online use them to your benefit without actually being in physical contact with a tutor or teacher.

This is one attribute that technology like computers and the Internet  affords us… can replace physical teachers with virtual ones that we can access and call upon at all times (playback on our terms, rewind lectures, fast forward to the parts we need etc.)

Disadvantages of using a computer for studying


one of the obvious Disadvantages of studying on a computer is that it can be distracting.

The reason for this is that computers are tools equipped with vast technology so you won’t necessarily be restricted to studying.

The moment you turn on your computer, you can access the Internet, watch videos, listen to music and a myriad of other things.

Having access like that can be distracting especially for students that are in the 18 to 21 year old age range because they generally seek and love entertainment more than older people.

Which is the Downside to most students using a computer to study.

However some can focus and concentrate long enough to make progress but the chances of them getting distracted are pretty high.

Books in this sense can be more advantageous and more productive.

Even more so for people that can combine studying on the computer whilst utilizing or references hard copy books every now and again to stay focused.

Hard on the eyes

Staying focused on a screen for long periods of time can be hard on your eyes. Some people end up falling asleep easily.

If you’re studying, this is certainly not a great thing.

Studying on a screen can likely cause you to develop a headache in the process due to the light produced by the screen.

What’s even worse is that screens are said to contribute and in some cases cause permanent eye damage due to the constant eye strain .

Particularly caused when a person spends too much time on a screen.

The remedy to this is taking breaks every now and then or avoiding studying on screens completely.

Less formal

Studying on a computer is a generalised modern way of studying. Back in the old days, it was physical books or nothing.

Most people therefore find it difficult to study on computers because they tend to not take it seriously.

They may easily fall for any distraction and end up resorting back to physical books.

This basically makes studying on computers difficult for some people.

Especially those that may have been Brought up on the conventional physical book way of studying material.

However people can make the transition to studying digitally but some may find it difficult.

Advantages of reading/studying physical books

No distractions

One thing you can count on when it comes to physical books is that you will not easily get distracted.

Books can help you zero in your focus and study well without running into any media distraction.

Reading/studying physical books is the old way of doing things and there’s a reason why physical books are still published to this day.

Physical books provide you the real feeling of reading/studying  with computers you get the virtual digital feeling which could make the whole process of studying difficult.

Easy on the eyes

Reading physical books unlike reading on computers is much easier on the eyes because a physical book won’t emit any blue light that will strain your eyes.

This means that you can study physical books for longer without worrying about your eyes getting strained.

Therefore, it would be easier to read and study with physical books for longer.

Disadvantages of studying physical books as opposed to studying on a computer

Limited resources

Studying strictly via physical books can limit you in ways that a computer wouldn’t.

For example, a computer that has Internet can help you explore and find useful resources that can help you in your studies.

If you however choose not to study on a computer you essentially neglect these resources.

Finding books

Studying via physical books usually means making frequent trips to the library which can be an inconvenience if you’re on the clock.

Using a computer to study means you can also Google and find the books you need without walking to a physical library.

Final Thoughts

All in all, Studying via a computer or books is really a matter of preference. They both have their advantages and disadvantages.

So the better way of studying is the one that works for you.

Computers offer Internet access while books offer less distractions. So the choice is yours.

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