Should I Play Video Games After Studying?

Studying can be an overwhelming activity in most situations. Imagine being glued to books for a good 4 to 6 hours and not getting up to take a break or anything like that. …

That can be stressful.

Therefore taking a break to engage in a more relaxing activity other than rest can be a great idea. There of course a lot of activities that people do to relax after studying.

For example,  I like to take walks while playing some pop music in my ear phones because it helps me relax and helps me forget about studying for a while…

Other people prefer playing video games to relax and get into something a lot more stimulating and entertaining…

I know what you’re thinking.

Is it really such a good idea to play video games after studying?

Well, this post will discuss this because it is quiet a common subject and topic among so many high-school and university or college students..

With that said, Should I play video games after studying?

Contrary to popular belief, playing video games after studying can actually have a good impact on your mind and your memory according to various studies. Therefore its okay to play video games after studying to let your brain relax and provide it some visual stimulation that can help it work better.

Why most people avoid video games after studying

Most people have reasons why they avoid playing video games after studying and these various reasons can be summarised into two thing.

Most of the responses I’ve gotten from people that don’t necessarily play video games after studying have been summarised into the two points below.

The hook

The fact is, playing video games can be an engaging activity that will easily have you hooked.

If you’ve ever played video games you can attest to the fact that they’re highly additive.

30 minutes playing the game can easily enough turn into 3 hours which could easily have you ditch your studying altogether to stay playing the game.

This is one of the reasons why most people or students rarely take a break and jump on console.

It’s better to get on one when the break you’re taking is long enough to justify it being spent playing video games.

You just have to be aware of the fact that video games are not only addictive but are also time consuming. So while they may be a great idea for overall relaxation… they could just as easily turn into a full blown unending break.

Fear of forgetfulness

We’ve all experienced that one time when we sat in an exam room and couldn’t remember what we had studied.

Sometimes it could be that you just don’t remember a small thing… other times it could be that you can’t remember something important and key…

These moments are certainly frightening and frustrating because they make you realise that you may have studied but you sure didn’t comprehend everything.

Most students therefore fear the fact that spending time or taking a break to play video games right after studying can make them forget what they’ve studied.

This is a general fear that I got from most people I interviewed to get some context around the question being answered in this post .

This may seem like something unlikely but is infact highly likely.. One factor that causes poor memory and retention is information overload.

Information overload just as you’ve guessed is when you flood and overload your brain with information that makes your brain unable to comprehend and remember everything.

Playing a video game that can have your entire focus will have you fixed on playing it which will eventually have your brain work harder.

This can lead to information overload if you just studied.

Therefore it may be good to play video games but to certain a limit so you allow your brain to reserve some of its operating power.

How to use Video games to relax after studying

Video games can be a great way to take the edge off and relax after studying.

However there some guidelines that I’d advise you to follow.

Consider them as simple tips that you can verify and try out on your own and see how best they work out for you.

Take a break before you jump in

Don’t just get off studying and dive straight into jamming out your video game.

Take some time to get some fresh air and probably drink some water too to stay hydrated as well as feel better.

Studying makes your brain work harder…therefore its only right that you let it be for some time before having it focus on something as engaging as video games…

I’ve seen people make the mistake of jumping right into video games after studying and the result of this is usually a prolonged video game break and an inability to remember what was studied.

Don’t forget your books

It’s easy to get lost in the gaming world. I know this because I’ve been a hard-core gamer before.

Life in the virtual world of gaming can easily have you sucked in and constantly engaged to the point where you lose track of time…

The tip I can offer you is that… when you get on your video game after studying…

Remember that you just studied and need not stay on video games for long.

I know I sound like a parent…but this topic is closely related to conversations that kids have with their parents.

Therefore, play your video games in moderation.

Don’t play something stressful

After studying, you want to be sure that you remember and recall what you’ve read.  To do this, your mind needs some room to maneuver and rest so it can process everything.

The last thing you want to do for your mind after studying is doing stressful mental work.

Therefore choose a video game that you can play but ensure that it’s something not stressful.

Stress will do harm to what you’ve studied.

You need a clear mind that should be well rested.

Quizzing yourself

The best way to ensure that you remember everything you read after studying is quizzing yourself.

This works even in the context of playing video games after studying…

One you leave your studying and engage into gaming you should ensure that you test your brain..

My tip is to quiz yourself after playing video games and see how much you remember from your study session.

If you can’t remember something then so revisit it and note it down.

Writing it down will help your mind remember it better plus you can always come back to your notes when you feel like quizzing yourself after another video game session.

Best kind of games for the mind

Below are two kinds of games that are good for your mind.

Chess games

Video games may be great and addictive but some good old chess can help your brain think harder.

Chess allows you to think before you make your moves because your opponent is trying to win just as much as you.

This dynamic is important because it makes you a better decision maker.

Puzzle games

Puzzle games are also kind to your brain because they can help it think in puzzle terms.

These games can enhance productivity, creativity and decision making which are all important.

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