Which Is Better, Playing Video Games or Reading Books?

People have different kinds of hobbies. I usually spend most of my days either on books or working to expand my online business.

Reading is kind of a hobby and necessity for my work at this point.

People do different things in their free time, for example,  some people enjoy playing video games during their leisure time because it helps them unwind…some people on the other hand prefer to read or write in their free time…

This post will discuss whether playing video games or reading is better or not…

With that said, Which is better playing video games or reading books?

Playing video games is better in situations where one wishes to relax and take the edge off while reading books can be a great hobby for those that prefer to play with their imagination or learn new things this way. All in all, it’s a matter of preference. Video games can be just as adventurous as books.

What Needs to be Accomplished

To properly understand why it’s difficult to pick which is better between video games or books. We have to determine what needs to Accomplished.

Your preferred outcomes for any of the two activities determines which one is better.

Video games

Most people argue that you can’t really learn anything from playing video games. Therefore the exist misconceptions that video games are a complete waste of time…which is not entirely true.

Video games are of course not the best way to be productive but they do offer certain qualities to the gamer that can be useful.

With that said let’s get into some skills you can acquire from playing video games.

Game theory

Game theory is basically how human beings interact with each other in society.

Life is essentially a game even though it may not be interpreted as such.

Think about how you interact in your everyday life and how you maneuver through it, through people and the various decisions you make.

Video games may seem completely worthless but they do teach game theory and decision making in a way.

Most people don’t know this… but games basically teach you how to analyse options, choose the best course of action as well as use the tools available to you to make choices.

This may feel game based but it inherently translates into everyday life.

Therefore, while you may be convinced video games are nothing but time consuming…. on some level they’re an important facet in who you eventually become.

Think of a chess video game that has you change difficulty levels and let’s you basically make decisions based on the facts at hand.

This is more than a game obviously because it sharpens your ability to play and win.

Winning in real life can often times be just making an easy choice that leaves you better off and gives you the outcome you wanted.

Problem solving

Everyday life comes with its various challenges in various areas of life.

One day you’re choosing a career the next day you’re looking to start a business that can help you increase your income.

My point is, everyday life is essentially a challenge.

From the clothes you choose to wear, the time you choose to wake up, what you do with your time, what you do with your time etc..

Video games are basically all about problem solving.

It may not look like that but that’s essentially the premise of playing video games.

Video games change how you go about navigation to achieve an end or attain a win which is essentially solving a problem.


Life comes with its different challenges and we all lead different lives. Thats why I cannot assume your life is easier and mine is harder. The reason for this is that only you know the details of your life and only I know the details of mine.

Some times all you’re looking for is a break from it all.

Video games can offer you a great way to relax without having to worry about life.

They offer a good escape which is necessary for everyone.

No body is a machine, we are human beings basically wired the same way.

We all crave moments free of stress and video games can be a great way to cool off.

Analytical Skills

Of course playing video games comes with a lot of thinking and decision making.

If you’ve played games like Call Of Duty you surely know that it is highly tactical.

You have to ensure that you carry out missions well and make good decisions so you stay in the game.

The analysis involved in playing such video games equips you with good analytical skills.

Most creative people that like to build things can benefit a ton from playing video games.

Allows you to connect with others

Thanks to the powerful technology that comes with Internet we are now able to communicate well through this medium.

Online communication has made it to video games which allows players in different demographics to play the same game and communicate easily while playing.

The birth of multi-player online games allows users to take part in the same game and enjoy it together by communicating, done using gaming headphones.

This offers a great advantage to people because it allows them to meet and talk to new people virtually.

Why reading may be a better activity

Of course reading does have some advantages which may make it a better activity compared to video games.

Preference of course is something that has to be considered, however there are some downsides to playing videos that we have to address.

Therefore, this section will specifically discuss why reading may be a better activity than playing video games.

Less addiction

Parents usually complain about their children not wanting to get off their video games. Which is why most parents limit their children’s video game time.

The reality is that video games can be addictive. This is a bad thing because they can diminish productivity.

Some people go days playing video games rarely stepping away to do something else.

The problem with this is obviously addiction.

Reading books is a better way to spend time because you won’t be addicted to it.

You may prefer to read for long hours which is better than spending long hours on video games.

The reason for this is simple, you won’t get addicted to reading books.

Less involving

Video games require attention.

If you’ve ever played any complex video game then you know that it may take more than a few button presses to play the game effectively.

Video games requite a lot of attention which is why most people get addicted.

Spending that much time on an activity that hooks you in would leave anyone with an addiction.

Of course reading does require some attention and brain power to process and comprehend what is being read.

But reading isn’t as involving as playing video games.

Which is why reading is my preferred way of spending time or relaxing.

Video games can be great if you can set limits to how much you play them.

If you can’t do this then get ready because you’ll likely spend a lot of hours playing it.

Can be productive/recreational

Video games are more of a recreational activity and most people play them because they’re fun.

Reading on the other hand can be both a recreational and productive activity.

This makes it easy for you to use it however is necessary for your intended outcome.

Reading books has so many benefits which means that it doesn’t matter whether you’re reading for fun or for work… any reading is essentially beneficial because it makes your brain work and think.

Therefore reading can be a better activity than playing video games.

You of course have to nurture reading habits to effectively become a reader…

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