How Can I Love Studying?

Studying is not a skill that is nurtured quite easily. A lot goes into developing yourself to become better at it.

For students… there’s basically no other option. Studying is a part of life whether they like it or not.

That right there is the reason why most students have a difficult time figuring out a process around their Studying to make it tolerable.

One of the questions I got from a college student that I work with when school is out…. basically revolves around how one can actually love Studying…..

Specifically “How can I love Studying?”..

This sounded interesting to me and I felt like writing a full article about it was not only right but also very important.

With that said, let’s get into some of the ways in which you can love Studying.

1. Read Foundational Books

Most of the time people find it difficult to study and become good at it because they skip the foundational knowledge.

To understand any field of study one must be well acquainted with the basics on which all the knowledge rests.

Therefore to fall in love with studying as a process you must dig deep to discover the foundational knowledge that is necessary for deeper understanding of the topic or area of study.

2. Be genuinely interested in the work

Studying is only effective if there’s a genuine interest to know what is being studied.

Therefore change your perspective about studying and don’t study just to pass an exam or test.

Try and study with genuine interest to understand and learn what you’re studying.

This is difficult for most people but it is very effective when you make it a core principle in your studying.

Studying just to study won’t feel great. But studying to get the point or learn something new will feel way better.

3. Gamify your studying

It’s good to introduce some kind of fun into the studying which is why I recommend using gamification as part of your reading or studying strategy.

Gamification is simply using game-like elements in your studying.

For example using a reward system for studying or quizzing yourself after reading for a certain periods of time.

You can figure out and come up with different ways to introduce game like elements in your studying..

You can check out some good studying gamification strategies here.

4. Study with serious friends

A life hack that you can take advantage of is surrounding yourself with the right people.

This works in almost any endeavor that one wishes to succeed in.

Befriend people that are serious about studying and you’ll learn from them and pick up on their skills.

Such people will also keep you accountable and ensure that you’re always on task.

A good support system will eventually make it easy for you to develop a genuine love for studying.

5. Try studying with music

Some people fail to study because they find it boring to do.

I’m not going to lie, there were times in university when reading got a bit boring for my self included.

Which is why spicing things up in studying always works well.

Music is a great way to make studying much easier and tolerable.

Good background music works best, atleast it helps centre your focus and keeps the boredom at a distance.

I recommend soft music because it is less distracting.

If you find it easier to study with other genre types then you could try them out too.

You should look into studying and listening to music and whether it will work for you.

6. Study in the right place

Nothing messes concentration up more than a bad study area.

You should be diligent in choosing the right study space because it has a huge impact on the success of your study sessions.

I recommend, cleaning up your room, putting the gadgets away along with other things that may distract and hinder your process of studying.

You can also use places like the library which are well optimized for activities like studying.

7. Remember whats at stake

To get yourself to study more sometimes you just need to remind yourself of what’s at stake.

We are so used to seeing reading as a single activity in itself but the truth is. Studying is just a single activity leading up to what you desire.

You’re studying to pass an exam, passing all your exams will get you a degree or any other qualification, a qualification will get you a job, a job will pay you.

Thinking about the overall benefits of why you’re studying right now should be enough to uplift your attitude towards studying….and help you love it a little more.

8. Make studying a daily habit

A good way to build a habit is to do it everyday. Most students put off studying until the last minute which is why they fail.

Studying feels boring because you don’t do it enough to make into a habit. Studying only when need arise will always feel like going up a mountain.

Which is why you’re better off doing it everyday.

Doesn’t really matter how long you do it but just make an effort of studying everyday.

Building a habit is easy.

So don’t stress, just start studying each and every day.

9. Take frequent breaks

Most people think that Studying is about going on for hours on books without stepping away but that is not true.

You study something to understand it which is why comprehension should be the top goal in Studying.

If you want to study for long hours you’ll easily burn out. You’re better off Studying for short periods of time and taking frequent breaks.

This way you won’t be overwhelmed and overloaded with information.

So, integrate some breaks in your study sessions and you’ll definitely love Studying.

10. Get enough rest

Some days are easier than other days.

Sometimes you’ll be genuinely tired. Forcing yourself to study on such days won’t work to your advantage which is why you’re better off resting.

Resting is really underrated but trust that it is highly valuable.

Studying will feel a lot easier when your body is well rested and free of fatigue.

11. Use YouTube Videos to study

To love Studying you should figure out other ways to study aside from reading books.

One good way to study is watching videos instead.

YouTube has tons of resources on basically any topic plus it has various tutors that are well suited to teach you.

Using video can help you escape from engaging your mind on reading which is certainly not an easy task.

12. Be self-aware

Study and start to know your weaknesses and strengths. This way, you can easily build a study strategy that is suited to your style of studying.

Rather than studying without a plan or strategy.

Therefore, know yourself and you’ll be able to formulate effective study sessions that are tailor made for you.

13. Eliminate distractions

Studying around Distractions is difficult…to love Studying you have to do it without distractions.

Turn off your phone, turn off your gadgets and be immersed in studying.

14. Attend every class and ask questions

Studying becomes difficult if you have no reference points. Which is why students that go to class each and every day find it easy to study and get good grades.

To study more, ensure that you attend all your classes and be actively involved by asking questions and providing answers whenever you can.

This way, studying will be a cakewalk because the classes would have already primed you with information. All you need to is just study more and get what you may have missed.

15. Aspire to be top of your class

Studying is a tool to get good grades. If you want to fall in love with it.

You need to aspire to get the best grades. This kind of motivation will keep you going and will make studying a lot more goal-oriented.

16. Study right after you wake up

How you start your day determines the outcome of the entire day.

This is why a 20 minute study session right when you wake up is a good practice for those trying to become better and love Studying.

17. Study before going to bed

Studying before bed is a good way to set the tone for the early morning.

It can help you form a good studying habit.

18. Don’t be a last minute Crammer

Don’t study last minute. Study everyday and you’ll love the process more.

Passing exams will be a cake walk.

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