Do All Authors Like To Read?

Authors need readers just as much as readers need authors. They both depend on each other.

The art of reading is a great hobby that most people enjoy. Most people wonder however whether authors actually read books.

Since writing is an entirely different activity, readers often are not sure as to whether an author may spend any time reading books or not.

Misconceptions exist around this topic because some people think being a writer is all about constant writing…..which is not true in most cases.

With that said, Do all authors like to read?

Most authors at their core are readers because that’s usually how they get inspiration. However most writers spend more time writing than reading, usually because of time constraints.

Some authors only ever go back to read their own writing to make sure its free of errors. They may read a book here and there to gather ideas as well as gather some insights about writing but they’ll spend more time writing and working on their own material.

Why reading is important for writers

Let’s look at some reasons why it may be important for writers to read.


Let’s face it writing is harder than reading.

One of the reasons why it’s important for you as a writer to read is for inspiration.

One thing you can be certain about is that inspiration fades, now and again you need to get inspired.

Authors may reach out to other authors in some cases that may help them leap over where their particularly stuck.

some times good help would be pointing an author toward a certain chapter that can help them over come writers block.

Reading is a great source of inspiration and a good way to gather what works for a particular type of audience.

Writing style preview

Knowing how to write may be enough to gather ideas to get you going but another important thing that’s necessary is to find your writing style…

Reading books can not only be a source of inspiration but a way to look at the writing style of other writers.

This can then guide you especially when it comes to specific book genres.

Certain books have to be written in a certain way and it takes a good writer to know that. Therefore, a writer that may be doubtful in the way they’re writing or conveying information can simply find a book in the similar genre and read to get an idea of how to express ideas.


If you’ve read enough books then it’s more than likely you have encountered good writing that is a result of the author carrying out very specific research.

This is not only common in non-fiction but in fiction too… Authors carry out various kinds of research to gather ideas, pinpoint information, to cite from original publications, as well as to gather information surrounding a certain topic.

Which is why writer’s are known to be avid readers just like most people.

Plus the fact is, reading is almost always a prerequisite for good writing. Therefore it cannot be neglected or put aside.

It is necessary.

To avoid plagiarism

The biggest crime that a writer can ever commit is plagiarism. It is something that is taken very seriously.

This is the reason why books are reviewed before they’re published. Reviewing is done in the best interest of the author and their integrity.

Which is why some author’s spend a lot of time reading books on the topic that they wish to write about.

Because they have to be very sure that whatever it is they’re trying to say in their book hasn’t been already said by another author.

Therefore, this can also count as research which can be very useful in writing original material.

Can you be a writer if you don’t like to read?

There’s really no rule that says that all writers have to be readers. I know many writers that don’t read other peoples material very often.

However, you need to have read some material to be a writer because how else would you know you wanted to be a writer?

Writers are born out of inspiration which means they read enough to know they wanted to be writers.

Some writers may read more than others but the point is that they do spend some time reading whether their own material or that of others.

Are people who read a lot good writers?

Most people that read a lot are able to write pretty well. This is because of the constant exposure to various writing as well as writing styles.

Readers also tend to have a deeper imaginative sense because reading fosters mental visualisation.

Most writers I know attribute their writing as being drawn from spending a lot of time reading other peoples work and dissecting it enough to make it comprehensible.

With that said, it’s important to say that reading doesn’t guarantee that you’ll eventually become a writer. It can ofcourse expand your mind and overall thought process.

Becoming a writer is your own choice, the reading would of course put you at an advantage of being a better writer than the average Joe.

How fast do writers read?

Most writers are very fast readers because their Job description demands them to write, read, and reread….

Being too slow with these activities can make their jobs a lot harder…so they tend to be fast writers and even faster readers.

On average, a writer can read above 300 words per minute… some can even go fast as reading a full page in a minute or a minute and a half.

With that said, some writers are slow but not as slow as the average person that may spend more than 5 minutes on one page of a book.

How much should readers write a day?

How much a reader should write a day entire depends upon their abilities to write. But the overall recommendation out there is for readers aspiring to be writers to write atleast a thousand words a day.

Which is completely doable, and people can actually go beyond the thousand words mark.

Will reading improve my writing?

Reading definitely improves your writing as it exposes you to various material and information. Furthermore, reading is always a lesson in grammar and language even though it’s never apparent during reading, because we are too focused on getting the ideas being expressed by the writer.

Reading also provides inspiration especially when you just so happen to run into the right content.

furthermore, there’s really no general rule that says all writers should be readers but reading is certainly a prerequisite because I believe if you want to be a good writer, you must first become a good reader.

Do Writers write everyday?

Writers write when they have inspiration to write. They don’t necessarily write everyday because writing is an art and art is not always as systematic.

Usually writers do have a schedule that they stick to but writing everyday is usually not part of the plan because off days are important for writing.

Writing everyday poses a challenge and can simply burn out the writer….

It’s always better when a writer figures out a more well structured writing plan that takes into account various nuances and important things like resting days and reading or research days.

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