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Reading may have seen a decline as a hobby in the past years,

However, with information readily available and digital book’s becoming a huge success.

Ithas become a habit that most people have gotten into.

The age group in which you belong certainly has an impact on how much you read.

This is actually a discussion that me and my team had recently.

We were looking to market and sell E-Books to our audience (visitors to this site) and we started thinking about what age group we would target.

This then brought up the question that I wish to address in this post.

I figured it’s a good idea to know this because it can help you develop a reading habit quicker, rather than later.

With that said, What age reads the most?

Age 20 reads the most. At around age 20 most people develop the habit of reading because this is the age at which books become a huge part on a person’s life especially in college.

What gender reads the most?

Various studies that have been carried out to determine which gender reads the most all have the same conclusion. Women read the most.

of course there are various theories to this as well as arguments but with no doubt women read the most.


Are early readers more intelligent?

People that develop the habit of reading at an early age do exhibit intelligence. Usually in the early stages of their lives.

Reading is a great habit even for adults. It can make notable impacts such as better knowledge, intelligence and good judgement.

However, reading makes an even bigger positive impact on children.

Due to the fact that children are less impacted and influenced by society. The knowledge that they extract from books can easily set the tone as well set the foundation for their entire life.

Which is why it’s important to make sure children read the right material.

Can a child be gifted and not read early?

Children can be gifted and not read books at all. Natural intelligence can usually be spotted in children and this can manifest into adulthood.

As gifted children get older, it is highly probable for them engage in activities that allow them to learn more.

Such children will easily do well in school.

How to get kids to read more

Below are some good techniques that you can use to get kids to read more and build a habit of reading.

Become a good role model

Children are conditioned by what they see everyday. Which is why they become like their parents.

If your child sees you exercise every morning, they’ll want to exercise every morning.

Simple things like this can be the building blocks to the upbringing of a child.

Reading is no different. If you want your children to read more, you have to be a great role model.

Remember that kids mimic what they see and are driven by curiosity. Therefore use this to influence them into reading.

Spend time reading books especially openly or around them and they’ll want to know what it is about reading that makes you want to do it.

This curiosity can lead them to pick up a book and see for themselves the joy in reading.

Make reading fun

Kids are basically driven by fun activities which is why they are open to take part in fun things.

If you want to influence your kids to read more books then make it a fun activity.

You can find a book that is fun and read it aloud to them and try to act out everything you read.

This will make them attach having fun to reading books and will have them start looking forward to you reading to them.

You can also read and explain by connecting whats in the book to things in real life that your kid can relate to in a fun way.

Have books in the house

This is really a no brainer and can be an easy way to influence kids to read more.

Having books present in the house is very important because your kids can have access to them.

Out of curiosity they’ll obviously pick up a book from your collection some day.

They may or may not become avid readers but its a good start and the odds are stacked in their favour.

Natural curiosity of picking up a book out of sheer will from a kid can be the reason why they embrace reading throughout their lives.

Give books as presents

Another life hack to getting your kids to read is giving them books as presents.

The sheer sentimental value that Is attached to gifts can be the very reason why your kids read the books you give to them as gifts.

Have them read what they like

If you want your kids to develop reading as a hobby then you better have them read what they like.

If they like superhero movies, buy them comic books so they can read them.

Starting them out with things that they like is the easiest way to make them develop reading as a hobby.

They can easily make the transition from comic books to novels.

Take it easy

We all want what’s best for our kids and that’s understandable.

However sometimes, it is very easy to get carried away with what you want your kids to do to the point where it feels like you’re forcing them to do it.

You want to avoid that, you can’t force a hobby.

You can only make it desirable for them.

Therefore take it slow and introduce reading at a manageable pace.

Do Activities that require reading

Another great way of getting kids to develop reading as a hobby is by simply making it fun and combining it with other activities that require reading and are desirable by the kids.

How to get motivated to read

It’s easy to lose motivation especially when it comes to reading.

Therefore, you have to learn how to get inspiration and take advantage of it because it fades.

Below are some ways you can get motivated to read.

Read what you like

Don’t always indulge in any book that you find laying around or a book that is recommended to you.

Do your own due diligence and figure out what you like to read.

If you can figure out the genre of books that you like.

It can be easier to find something because you could choose from a long list of books in that genre.

in my early years, I started out reading books that had movie versions as well…I did this to understand certain movies better.

This little reading habit I had became a full blown way of life and I found myself reading more complex and diverse material as time moved on.

My point is, start out reading what you genuinely like.

Start small

If you want to get motivated to read, You should start small.

Start by reading bits of a book at a slow pace until you cultivate a habit that can afford you the concentration to read for longer.

Read your passions

If you’re passionate about something, read books around your passion and it will be easy for you to get motivated.

For example, if you’re passionate about persuasive writing and sales… Get a book by Cialdini and indulge in it.

You’ll have a lot to learn and you’ll be easily motivated to do so.

Spend time in the company of readers

The people you spend most of your days with have a huge influence on who you become.

If you feel you lack the motivation to read then surround yourself with people that like to read.

You can alter your social circle by including people that you know like to read.

This way their habits can easily rub off on you and give you some genuine motivation.

Read everyday

You build habits by doing them consistently and reading is no different.

If you don’t have the motivation to read then you need to start doing it everyday.

I’m not suggesting you do it for long hours or make your brain submit to it…

I’m suggesting that you read however much you can in a day.

Everyday of doing this will give you the consistency you need to develop reading as a full blown hobby.

Therefore, don’t underestimate the power of consistency because it can mean the difference between feeling uninspired to read and being fully immersed in it.

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