If you are a reader then it’s safe to assume that you spend a considerable amount of time on books.

But not everyone out there loves to read. Most people just read enough to keep them entertained.

Which is most people don’t read more than 5 books a year. On the other hand, the serious reader will always spend more time on books.

One of the frequent questions I get from people has to do with whether reading can be considered a hobby or not… This post will therefore discuss this and other inquiry surrounding this topic.

With that said, Is reading considered a hobby?

Reading is considered a hobby because it is an activity that is done in one’s leisure or free time for pleasure, learning or entertainment.

How to cultivate a reading habit

Find the kind of books you like

Reading is a hobby for most but not a hobby for others. Therefore somebody looking to cultivate good reading habits should figure out what books they like.

If you’re into fiction novels then you’re better off reading fiction until you start to love to read.

When you continuously read what you like you’ll slowly start becoming drawn to alternative book genres that may be of interest to you.

Once you reach this stage you now know that you’ve become a full time reader.

You can then easily read more because you would have built up the necessary discipline needed to do so.

Therefore, one should always focus their efforts on finding what they like and then running with it.

Read everyday

A hobby is something that you do everyday and becomes more like routine. For some it’s easier to read any time they feel like because they actually love to read.

For somebody looking to cultivate good reading habits, reading every day is way to do so.

Doing something everyday trains your mind to start to build a habit. A habit done for a considerable amount of time becomes a lifestyle.

This is why reading everyday will help you get better at reading and reading more.

Get used to libraries

Most people that are avid readers are people that may have spent some time in libraries.

This is common for most people that were born in the old days.

For example, the angel investor Naval Ravikant partly attributes his love for reading to spending so much time in the library.

So if you want to become better at reading or simply become a person that reads. Spend some time in libraries.

Libraries are great because they have a variety of books and offer a good environment to read.

Buying a book and coming with it home is not enough if you haven’t cultivated good reading habits. Spend some time in environments where you can easily get inspired to read.

Read on your phone

Buying books is a foreign concept to certain people because they just don’t live that way. Its understandable.

If you’re a person that doesn’t necessarily read a lot or buy a lot of books you could utilize reading on phone.

Reading on your phone is convenient and can help you get acquainted with reading.

Phones are a great way to cultivate a good reading habit because these devices are always with us. So you can always have digital book’s stored on it that you can access at any time.

Plus, reading on your phone can help you take breaks from social media which is important.

Replace movies with reading time

Most people watch movies to relax and have a good time.

Watching is always easier than reading because it doesn’t call for a lot of focus.

If you’re a person that spends too much time watching movies try to replace that habit with reading.

Rather than watching TV for 4 hours, Spend an hour Reading a book and then carry on to watch TV.

This way you can make reading become a part of your daily schedule.

Find a quiet place

Some activities heavily rely on the environment a person is in. One of these activities is reading.

Reading requires concentration and focus which you can only have when your mind isn’t distracted by alot.

You need a quiet place to help you read.

Whether it’s your house, a park or library…it doesn’t really matter.

Just find a good quiet spot where you can read.

This way you can read in peace and not get distracted by what’s going on around you…

Somebody that isn’t used to reading all the time can find it difficult to read in spaces with any sort of noise. which is why a beginner looking to cultivate good reading habits should always find a good quiet spot to read.

Listen to audio books

If you’re not into reading books you can always go for audiobooks.

Listening to audiobook is much easier compared to reading actual words off paper.

So you have to utilize audiobooks.

With audiobooks you can do other activities and listen to them as the same time.

You don’t necessarily need quiet spots to listen to audio books. This is a great advantage because you can listen to them at any time of the day.

Have a book with you at all times

One way of ensuring that you’re always ready to read is to carry a book with you at all times.

For example, when going to work you can simply tuck a book in your bag and then read it on your lunch break …

Now that we live in a digital world, a physical book isn’t the only option. digital books can be easily bought and downloaded straight to your phone.

This way, you can access it whenever and it may actually even be more convenient than an actual physical book.

Therefore, having a book with you at all times can be a great way to cultivate a good reading habit, provided that you actually do get some reading done.

Lay off the Internet

If you want to cultivate reading as a hobby you need to create time for it. This is not easy especially if you have other habits.

In this day and age there’s no bigger habit than being on the Internet.

People spend so much time online that it basically takes up almost 80% of their day.

Adopt a different approach, lay off the Internet and read books instead.

Join a book club

One of the easiest ways that people that are into reading find time for reading is by joining book clubs.

A book club will help you connect with other readers that can share with you a wealth of information that can help you in your own reading journey.

Plus you can also get good book recommendations as well as have a support system when you need one.

If there’s no book club around you then you can form one with your friends and try to read books and discuss them.

This can provide you with the incentive to read all the time, knowing that you have to discuss what you read with the club.

Characteristics of habitual readers

Below are some characteristics of habitual readers that you can emulate to become a healthy reader.

They read everyday

People that have developed their reading abilities are people that have spent most days reading.

Most people in my reading club are people that read everyday and have done it for years.

Of course they may have a day or two on which they don’t read…but the fact is they’d have already built up reading habits that cannot be destroyed by missing a few days of reading.

You can emulate this by spending and dedicating some time each day to reading.

They have imaginative power

People that read have a great imagination. They are not naturally born this way of course.

Reading is the source that provides them the ability to imagine.

Therefore its always a good idea to visualize whatever you read so that it can leave a lasting impression on your memory.

Reading strengthens the brain and helps it develop which is great news for you because you can easily tap into your imaginative power.

They spend some time alone

If you’re a person that reads a lot, you’re a person that enjoys some alone time.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a loner that prefers to be so isolated away from the world….

Most readers spend time reading books and reading is usually a lonesome activity. This habit of being alone with a book soon becomes a way of life.

In most cases readers may enjoy some quiet alone time even when they’re not reading. This is because alone time simulates reading time to a certain degree.

Therefore becoming a good reader may require you to have some time to yourself. Some people’s lifestyle cannot allow for this so it may be difficult for them to become readers.

They read what they love

It’s very rare that you’d find a reader that simply reads for the sake of reading.

Some of the most avid readers I know are people that have well curated reading lists of the material that they enjoy reading.

So If you’re looking to develop your reading habits you should narrow your reading list down to the books that you like.

They love to learn

Almost every reader I know loves to learn.

Reading books is a great way to gain insight and knowledge into various things.

Which is why it turns into a hobby for most people.

Your desire to learn should be at the forefront when it comes to cultivating good reading habits.

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