Being fit and healthy is essential in preserving your life and prolonging it.

For some people, exercise is a key part of daily life. While for others it may not be a really big deal.

For those people that exercise and read books, doing both activities at the same time is always something that may cross their minds. The how usually becomes the basis of the question.

This post will address exactly this, because its a question that I come across quite often..

With that said, How do you read a book while exercising?

The most effective way of reading a book while exercising is listening to its audio book version. Figure out the book that you want to read and purchase the audio book version so you can listen to it while you exercise.

Reading a physical book while exercising is almost impossible because you need your hands to exercise, the same hands that you would have to use to hold the physical book.

How you can listen to audio books while exercising

Below are the two most effective ways to listen to audio books while you exercise.

Using headphones/headsets

Headphones or headsets are a great way to listen to audiobooks while you exercise.

The reason is simple, most exercise requires you to use your hands therefore not holding a physical book in your hands but listening to the audio version of the book through headphones, can be a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

Through a sound system

Another great way you can listen to audiobooks is by playing them through a sound system. This may afford you the freedom of not having headphones stuck in your ear while you work out.

People often do this to also avoid the inner part of their ears from accumulating sweat due to the exercise.

How to find audio books

let’s now get into some of the most effective ways of finding audio books.

Google search

The most obvious and effective way of finding audio books is simply running a search on Google.

This can be a simple way to find a good source that can you can purchase and source an Audiobook from.

Amazon is another great place to look.

Physical books

Most physical books being produced today come with  links which you can type into your Internet browser address bar to find audiobook versions of the books.

Of course, not all physical books have this added in them.

Which is why it may be a good idea to go to a site like Amazon and see if you can get a copy of the Audiobook as well as the physical copy itself.

There are various other websites that I could have mentioned here but it’s better if you run a Google search so you can go through various search results and find the best website you can purchase from.

YouTube is also another source of Audiobooks.

Just type in the name of the book and the “audiobook” search phrase after.

You can find a lot of books available on YouTube.

The best audio books for exercise

Let’s look into the best types of audiobooks that can make exercise easier.

Of course preference will matter but the book genres I’ll briefly describe below are some of best that I’ve found to be helpful to listen to when working out.

Self help audio books

Self help or self development books are books that primarily teach personal development.

Most of these books explain various facets to this, such as mentality, growth, goal setting and many important things necessary for your development as a human being.

Which is why they make for good listening material for those that may want to listen to an audiobook while exercising.

Self development books can inspire you to keep chasing your dreams and goals which is the correct mental stimulation needed for somebody exercising or working out.

Fitness audio books

There are various books discussing fitness out there for somebody that may want to read by listening to an Audiobook while working out.

Listening to a fitness book while working out is great because you can get some fitness tips that you can implement in your daily exercise.

Motivational audio books

Motivational books are meant to inspire and motivate. They are very useful in cultivating the genuine inspiration required to move through daily life and its challenges.

If you’re exercising, Motivational audiobooks are a great source of motivation as well a great primer for having positive days.

Business audio books

Another book genre which most people actually like to listen to while they work out is the business genre.

This is even more common with people that are trying to attain success through business.

Business books offer great insights into the inner workings of the business world as well as the mindset and growth that is needed in order to succeed.

Listening to such kinds of audiobooks can be inspiring.

When listening to audiobooks via headphones is effective

Below are some general exercises as well as workouts that can work the best when you’re looking to use headphones to listen to an audio book.


Running is great exercise that is essential for becoming fit and healthy.

Listening to an Audiobook using headphones or headsets is the most effective way of experiencing a book as you jog.

Weight lifting

Weight lifting is involving and requires the use of your arms.

if you want to listen to an audiobook while you lift weights, some good headphones or headsets can have you easily covered.

Push ups

Push ups are another form of exercise that you can do while listening to an audiobook through headphones.

Ab exercises

Ab exercises are another form of exercise that you can do while listening to an Audiobook.

When listening to audio books via sound system is convenient

Below are exercises with which using a sound system can be convenient for you.

Home exercise

When you’re exercising at home you can easily turn on your radio or speakers and play an audiobook through them without worrying about disturbing others.

Group exercise

If you’re with a group of friends, you can all easily agree on a good audiobook that you can play on a sound system while you all exercise.

What to do after listening to an Audio book while exercising

Listening to audio books does count as reading a book which is why it’s important that you get a good sense of everything you listened to while exercising.

Below are some things that you can do to get a good sense of your comprehension.

Recall Through writing

Recalling all that you’d listened to from an audiobook can be easily done with writing.

Writing is an easy way to capture and centre your focus when trying to get and extract information from memory.

Therefore, after exercising while listening to an audiobook you can try and gauge your comprehension by writing things down that you remember.

Of course you may have missed a lot but it’s still good to test your comprehension with what you can remember.


A good meditation can help you centre your thoughts as well as relax enough to remember what you’d listened to from an audiobook.

Read the physical book

After working out whilst listening to an audiobook, a good practice to test your comprehension as well as pick up what you may have missed is to read the physical paperback version of the audiobook you’d listened to.

Good alternatives for audio books while exercising

Just in case you find it hard to choose a book to listen to while exercising below are some good alternatives.


Podcasts can be great to listen to while working out. Just be sure to choose podcasts that discuss a topic you have interest in.


Audio webinars can also be useful if you’re looking to workout while listening to a book.

With webinars you have to be a bit picky. However, a webinar about something you have interest in can be a good start.


You don’t always have to listen to audio books while exercising, you can substitute them for music.

Music can be a great way to be entertained while you exercise.

Natural sounds

Nature sounds are good to listen to because they have a calming effect on people.

You can use them to your advantage as you workout or exercise.


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